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Hassan Marine
Hassan Marine
Head of Digital Communication

Hassan Marine, Digital Communications Officer at BNP Paribas in Casablanca, tells his missions in 4 questions.

What do you do at BMCI?

I use digital media to relay bank communications, and I support its growth on social media. In concrete terms, I approve content publication schedules, ensure compliance with editorial guidelines, track progress on our various digital campaigns, and manage our e-reputation and online claims. We also help fulfill the digital needs of other internal divisions by designing dedicated platforms for their activity. For example, we recently produced a video about COP22 for the internal communication division, as well as an animated graphic to explain the features of a new mobile app launched by the marketing department.

Digital is on everyone’s mind lately. What shape is it taking at BMCI?

BMCI(Opens in a new tab) aims to support the spectacular growth of digital, mobile and social media among Moroccan consumers. Half of all Moroccans own a smartphone, while nearly 1 in 3 is active on Facebook. The most popular website is an online classifieds platform! That’s why the bank has developed its remote banking services and launched campaigns specially designed for web and mobile. That’s one successful project we recently put together for a consumer loan offer.

You joined BMCI in September 2015. What brought you here? 

Before that, I worked for 4 years at a press group that I started with a friend, and then I joined a digital communications company dedicated to SMEs. After that, I wanted to find something more stable and structured, and that’s when I saw that BMCI was looking for a Digital Communications Officer. Right away I knew that the bank would give me the keys to learn and grow under the best conditions! 

What is the biggest challenge you are facing right now? 

I’m in the process of setting up a social marketing tool that combines social reporting and management of customer interactions on social media . It’s a tool for experts!

“ Go into the interview with confidence: believe in yourself! By joining the Group, each employee becomes a crucial link in a chain that is always moving.  ”

Hassan Marine

Digital Communications Officer

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