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Quentin Descouens
Quentin Descouens
Branch Manager

Digital, commercial, and management—it’s with these three words that Quentin Descouens summarizes his role as Branch Manager. As the head of the BNP Paribas branch in Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, he describes the new issues that branches face today, which are far removed from common misconceptions and stereotypes.

Being the manager of a branch is about more than just overseeing the front desk. How would you describe your job in a sentence? 

I would say that my role of managing a BNP Paribas branch today has three major facets: managing the commercial activities of the branch, fostering collaborative management with one’s teams, and ensuring that they have the appropriate digital tools, all while respecting the risk policy of BNP Paribas. 

How do you combine consulting services with digital services? 

“Offer the right channel to the right client for the right project.” This is the ambition that guides us on a daily basis. If the person is comfortable with digital, we guide them to an electronic channel—online or mobile banking. We can also train them at the branch on certain tools or functionalities, such as subscribing to a loan offer on the internet. We also leverage the synergy between these two channels—the first contact can happen online and will then be followed by a meeting at the branch to subscribe to a new product, for example. 

Photo : Quentin Descouens

What are clients looking for when they walk into a bank branch today? 

Clients who walk through the door of a bank branch are looking for value-added consulting, true support, and a dedicated intermediary. If they don’t find the expertise they’re looking for, they won’t come back! This is why we never stop refining the “complex” products that we offer, for which clients need guidance—real estate loans, savings, life insurance, etc. Our goal is to be able to respond to a client’s questions and guide them to the right product for their projects and their profile. 

Our goal is to be able to respond to a client’s questions and guide them to the right product for their projects and their profile

What does managing a team at a bank branch involve today?

It involves promoting synergies, exchanges and a digital dynamic. Brainstorming sessions, regular coaching, and facilitating commercial meetings help me to gauge the appropriation of digital tools. These encourage the sharing of experiences and identify how teams need to be trained on how to use new technologies. The aim of this support is to meet the business objectives while respecting the primary interests of our clients. My goal is for everyone to feel at ease with new tools and services, in order for them to promote these tools among our clients. 

What type of profile makes for a good banking consultant? 

Those who like a challenge, who are agile and equipped with a strong capacity to adapt. A business temperament oriented toward client satisfaction is equally critical. Finally, the person must be very comfortable with digital tools, and know how to manage difficult situations calmly. 

What inspires you to go to work every morning?

The challenge and the opportunity to perform a job that is in constant evolution. Leading a team and training my co-workers on new digital tools, in order to then offer this expertise to our clients. To lead a BNP Paribas bank branch is to participate very concretely in the digital transformation of the company. Our days may be connected by a common thread, but they’re never the same. 

Our days may be connected by a common thread, but they’re never the same.

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