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The banking jobs : Adviser specialized in real estate

Marion Portigliatti Presa
Marion Portigliatti Presa
Adviser specialized in real estate

Marion Portigliatti Presa, Adviser specialized in real estate at BNP Paribas, in Grésy-sur-Aix, tells her missions in 4 questions.

What is the role of an “adviser specialized in real estate”? 

The role of an “adviser specialized in real estate” was created to professionalize the composition of mortgage applications. I assemble these applications for the six branches in my sector: the advisers send me all the necessary supporting documents. Next we have a meeting by videophone, which lets me “live present” the offer to the customer. Once everything is explained, I send the mortgage application to the adviser who prints it out and has the customer sign it.  

Having worked at BNP Paribas since 2012, you were previously a wealth management adviser. Why did you transition to real estate?

I was offered the position when it was created, because my last evaluation showed that I had the right background. It gave me a chance to change roles and move into an activity with a strong relational aspect. The move narrowed the scope of my activity, but it also offered me other opportunities. And it’s exciting to create a new business! Now I can help it evolve along with my fellow advisers specialized in real estate from other sectors—we get together, share best practices, and talk about complex applications. Management also listens to our suggestions.

For example, since early 2017, I now go every four months to the branches whose applications I manage to adjust the division of roles with the customer advisers and answer their questions, review regulations, etc. I act as a sort of “real estate reference!” 

Real estate is not the sector of your initial training (Master 2 in Wealth Management). How did you develop your knowledge and skills?  

Before occupying my new role, I completed six months of training, which gave me a qualification. It combined theory classes and meetings with the services associated with mortgages—credit, sales, insurance, mortgage. So I spent four days with the “credit” service, while I also met employees from Cardif and Real Estate. 

Lastly, I want to underline the fact that as a young graduate, I was offered a position of high responsibility at BNP Paribas, while competing banks offered me less rewarding low-level jobs. BNP Paribas gave me the opportunity that my education deserved! 

What is your biggest goal for 2017?

I want to keep perfecting my skills and continue to develop my business to become more efficient and faster, because applying for a mortgage is a key moment for customers! I want to keep getting better and more efficient in my new business, which I see as a stepping stone to a future position with greater independence and more responsibility. 

“ Choosing to work at an international group with a positive image is immensely rewarding—I am proud to work here! At the same time, it takes a lot of rigor and commitment. I have seen high professional standards here, which I notably realized when discovering competing mortgage offers brought in by our customers that showed a lack of rigor and precision. The Group’s high standards force us to evolve and give the best we have! ”

Marion Portigliatti Presa

Adviser specialized in real estate

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