The 2009 BNP Paribas Jersey Open Junior Tennis Tournament was held at the Caesarean Club in Grand Vaux, Jersey.

The BNP Paribas sponsorship has been fundamental in increasing the number of participants from less than 100, three years ago, to 176 entries this year. The event is a prestigious LTA official tournament which attracts children from England, Scotland, Wales, Channel Islands and France.

Players ranging from ages 8 to 21 took part in this multi-day tournament, beginning Monday July 27th, ending on Saturday August 1st. Participants battled each other, sometimes in adverse conditions, in singles and doubles matches throughout the week. Scott Clayton, a Jersey native, was one of the big winners of the weekend taking home the U18 boys' title as well as the U16. Dominique Crompton of Cheshire took home the U18 girls' title after a tough and gruelling match.

The heavy rain delayed the consolation events until the evening but eventually all were successfully completed. Jason Nabi of BNP Paribas Investment Solutions presented the trophies to all the finalists

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