Cross Business Functions

Would you like to contribute to the global impact of BNP Paribas? Then become a driver of our future growth through our Graduate Programme dedicated to cross business line functions. Ready to start?

Join the teams essential to the success and solidity of the Group also means guaranteeing our own security and that of our clients. Our cross business functions are focused on maintaining expert knowledge of the regulatory landscape and monitoring its trends, while working on cost optimisation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

So why should you join a graduate programme dedicated to cross business functions at bnp paribas?

  • Our dedicated Graduate Programmes cover Compliance, Audit, Risk and other functions. They bring you into contact with a broad spectrum of people and involve you in projects of strategic importance to the Group. A Graduate Programme is the ultimate way to gain a 360° overview of the company and contribute to its performance.

  • With our Graduate Programmes, you will quickly learn to take responsibility and develop your own strategic vision. That’s important, but we don’t stop there. Joining us also gives you the opportunity to develop and perfect your skills with a training plan aligned with your own ambitions and needs.

  • Experience the adventure with the rest of your cohort and share the enthusiasm of building a career together. Our Graduate Programmes are your opportunity to build a long lasting professional network right across the Group. Our Alumni network will tell you how valuable this can be! Last but not least, you will be co-constructing your experience with your HR point of contact, your manager and your mentor, who are there to listen to your aspirations and help you achieve them.

What are the career opportunities within cross business functions?

Our Graduate Programmes are structured around multiple areas of expertise:
  • Compliance, Legal, Audit, Risk and Tax including: Auditor, Lawyer, Compliance Officer and many other roles
  • Procurement, Communication and Marketing including: Project Manager, Product Manager and Business Analyst
« Through the Graduate Programme my job involves the design, monitoring and implementation of process change initiatives within the Finance & Tax department, I get exposure and interact with not only the different Finance teams, but also different teams across the bank in the US and the globe.»


Graduate Analyst, Finance and Tax Americas

What if you were part of our next cohort of graduates?

The recruitment period for the Graduate programmes are open during certain periods of the year.

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