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#TechForPlanet: BNP Paribas introduces Qarnot Computing

In order to contribute to the collective effort, creating greater awareness and mobilising private and public good will, BNP Paribas in partnership with Numa, Microsoft and Schneider Electric will be present to the Tech For Planet in Paris.

Qarnot, the first computing heater for smart buildings

Qarnot Computing is a French startup that found a way to convert the heat generated by a computer into heating for domestic purposes. More than ten years ago, Paul Benoit, an engineer and the founder of Qarnot, came up with the simple and brilliant idea of relocating computer servers and concealing them behind a high-tech radiator: the "Q.rad" is an intelligent, "connected" radiator that is a combination of high-performance computer server and electric radiator. Qarnot's solution avoids the traditional cooling systems used in data centres and computer rooms, and so offers an ecological heating solution. BNP Paribas has entrusted to Qarnot some of its data processing and the heat generated by the servers is being used to heat homes.

Photo header: ©Qarnot

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