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Road safety: Arval PHH supporting the Road Safety and Traffic Department in alerting drivers to the dangers of drinking and driving

  • 17.10.2003
Further to signature on 17 June this year of a partnership agreement with the Road Safety Department (DSCR) and the National Sickness Insurance Fund for Salaried Employees (CNAMTS), Arval PHH, an international name in long-term vehicle leasing and management of multi-brand company vehicles, is pursuing its commitment to observing and communicating the methods advocated by the Ministry of Transport in terms of reducing road-traffic risks.

A civic-minded organization which makes discerning choices, Arval PHH conducted an internal survey in order to uncover the causes of road accidents in its own fleet, and is undertaking to reduce by 30% the rate of claims for its fleet over the next three years. To get the message through to its employees and drivers, Arval PHH has just produced an initial sensitization and training tool, a CD-ROM entitled "12 Driving Tips by Arval PHH".

With a view to setting an example and developing awareness of what is at stake in terms of human lives, Arval PHH has been implementing a general policy for several months aimed at reducing exposure of its staff to road-traffic hazards (limiting business travel, organizing teleconferences, identifying the safest routes, etc.). Arval PHH is committed to leading this project to a successful conclusion, to communicating its message and supporting its corporate customers in this enterprise, the first of its kind in the long-term leasing market.

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