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The Rescue & Recover Fund: a collaborative and efficient tool for aid

Each year, World Humanitarian Day offers an opportunity to pay tribute to humanitarian aid workers and the essential work they do. But through the Rescue & Recover Fund its every day – and even more so when a humanitarian crisis erupts – that BNP Paribas, together with all of its current and former employees and retail customers in France, takes action to support the fund’s three international partner associations. Let’s take a closer look at an invaluable system that continues to support meaningful actions year after year.

More than 150 years of humanitarian aid

August 19 marks World Humanitarian Day , which recognizes emergency aid delivered after a disaster or crisis situation that provides rapid support to all impacted populations. 

Humanitarian aid has a rich 150-year history which stretches back to the creation of the Red Cross in 1863. It is now more necessary than ever before as armed conflicts and natural disasters grow more common, while funding remains a critical problem. 

However, donors have continued to demonstrate their generosity, while organizations have found more creative ways to raise funds. The Rescue & Recover Fund, created by BNP Paribas, stands as a perfect illustration of that fact.

Now in its fourth year, the Rescue & Recover Fund continues to support three associations widely recognized for their expertise. 

The fund was created in 2012 at the request of Group employees. Always eager to get involved during humanitarian emergencies, they regretted the lack of a system for raising funds quickly and efficiently. BNP Paribas responded with the Rescue & Recover donation fund: a sustainable system that is always available to raise funds when needed. 

The way it works is simple. Group employees, as well as former employees and retail banking customers in France, can donate the amount of their choice and BNP Paribas will always add a matching donation. That way every donation is automatically doubled. Ready to spring into action whenever needed, this incentivizing system can issue a call for funds within 48 hours of any emergency situation. 

Photo Credit : MSF Gabriel Casini

Funds raised are then distributed equally among three partner associations: CARE, Doctors Without Borders and the French Red Cross. These associations were selected using specific criteria: 

  1. All three are strong organizations widely renowned for their expertise
  2. Their transparent and rigorous operations makes it possible to oversee donations
  3. Their actions are international in scope and ambition

Numerous causes receiving support

Since its creation, the Rescue & Recover Fund has worked to respond to emergency situations (natural disasters, wars, etc.) and to offer long-term development aid to the populations who need it most (access to drinking water, maternal and infant health, etc.). 

2015 was marked by several disasters which received support from the fund: the earthquake in Nepal, the cyclone in Vanuatu and flooding in India. 

As the European refugee crisis grew more perilous (with families risking everything to cross the Mediterranean on ramshackle boats), the fund sprang into action on several occasions to support the cause, collecting donations totaling over €520,000. Several projects were also organized to aid Syrian refugees, through actions in neighboring countries (like Lebanon) or in Europe (along the Balkan Route and in Greece). 

several disasters which received support from the fund: the earthquake in Nepal, the cyclone in Vanuatu and flooding in India

C : MSF kassam

Homage to the partner associations

BNP Paribas is proud of this efficient solidarity system, as well as the generosity shown by its employees. Through this tool, the fund’s partner associations CARE, the French Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders, have expanded their efforts on site to continue coming to the aid of impoverished and at-risk populations, under harsh and sometimes dangerous conditions.  

To celebrate World Humanitarian Day, which is dedicated to their work, we met with each of the three associations to learn about the work they do on a daily basis and their major events from the past year: 

Header Picture : © 2015 / Rurani Kaur for CARE 

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