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Microcredit: a game-changing boost

Microcredit can change an entrepreneur’s life: by supporting his or her professional projects, microcredit opens the way to a new future. That is precisely what happened for Demyan Hafez in Milan. The naturalized Italian received a microloan from PerMicro, the Italian leader in microcredit, and a partner of BNP Paribas subsidiary, BNL

When he arrived in Italy 9 years ago, Demyan Hafez was fortunate enough to meet a master pizzaiolo who taught him the art of making pizza. A hard-working perfectionist, the Egyptian kept his nose to the grindstone and, within a few years, opened his own pizzeria.

Another pivotal encounter later enabled him to take the next step: while planning to expand his location and open a dining area for customers on their lunch breaks, his accountant introduced him to PerMicro

PerMicro is Italy’s leading microfinance institution. BNP Paribas became its key partner in 2011, through its Italian subsidiary BNL. PerMicro will give Demyan Hafez the credit he needs to carry out his expansion plans

Demyan Hafez does not have to stop there. Heidi Ceffa, PerMicro manager who is assisting the entrepreneur in Milan, is convinced. “He stays focused on the future and always has new plans. One day he will have his own restaurant!” she affirms. 

PerMicro: a loan combined with a social objective

Created in Turin and now present all across Italy, the microfinance organization PerMicro offers loans to businesses (up to 25,000 euros) and families confronting urgent needs (up to 10,000 euros). Loans are repayable in small monthly installments and come along with personalized support from PerMicro Lab, which delivers tools, skills and mentors to help micro-entrepreneurs succeed in their projects. 

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