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Evaluating corporate social responsibility : Nicole Notat, head of rating agency Vigeo

  • 24.10.2003
Nicole Notat was the guest at BNP Paribas' Maison Dorée Debates. The title of her talk was "Evaluating corporate social responsibility". She also spoke about Vigeo, the social and environmental rating agency which she heads.

In her talk Nicole Notat stressed the increase in social and environmental risk for companies. Given the need for regulation of the global economy, the multinationals are increasingly under pressure to behave in a socially responsible manner.

They are expected to demonstrate commitment to standards in the areas of ethical behaviour, the environment and sustainable development. For banks, in particular, this means that they are being challenged on issues such as over-indebtedness, money laundering and the quality of the information given to clients.

It is Vigeo's task to assess how far companies live up to all these commitments and to award ratings accordingly. Two products are available: the rating supplied to asset managers who wish to invest responsibly and the rating requested by companies themselves by way of evaluation of their managerial policies in these areas.
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