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Where are we with our COP21 commitments?

In December 2015 the COP21 United Nations Climate Change Conference took place and the Paris Agreement was signed, while BNP Paribas made seven climat commitments. As a player in the world economy, BNP Paribas committed to strengthening its energy transition policy by supporting its clients with environmentally-friendly change, reducing their environmental footprint and encouraging the sharing of environmental best practice.

Be carbon neutral

Since 2012 BNP Paribas has reduced its direct CO₂ emissions by nearly 15.3% per employee and is targeting a 25% reduction by 2020. This reduction has come from an active energy efficiency policy in buildings and data centres, etc. among other changes. In May 2017 BNP Paribas committed to being carbon neutral by the end of the year. This is now a reality as the Group has achieved its objective.

Be among the top euro-denominated green bonds issuers worldwide by 2018

Since 2016 the Group is among the top three euro-denominated green bonds issuers. As well as enjoying this success, the Group has issued its own 500 million euros green bond, invested in projects linked to renewable energies, energy efficiency, transport, etc.

Support innovation to favor energy transition

11% of start-ups supported by the Group have an environmental focus to their activities. The Group has also invested 100 million euros in innovative start-ups that address energy transition challenges (energy storage, energy efficiency, etc.).

Reinforce our support to energy efficiency

Since 2003 BNP Paribas Personal Finance has provided loans to fund energy efficiency improvement measures and offered its specialist expertise in financing energy consumption management via solutions offered by its subsidiary Domofinance (evaluating home energy performance). Thanks to its expertise and services, BNP Paribas Personal Finance has been responsible for energy savings equivalent to the consumption of around 47,000 households and has granted 530,000 loans financing energy efficiency.

Integrate carbon risk in our investment activities 

In May 2015, BNP Paribas Asset Management was the first international asset manager to sign the Montréal Carbon Pledge. This United Nations-backed initiative aims to improve investor carbon risk consideration. Since then BNP Paribas Asset Management has been working on publishing the carbon footprint of its portfolio and in 2017 has calculated and published the carbon footprint of almost 200 active equity funds. BNP Paribas Asset Management also manages near 30 billion euros of in decarbonized funds

Finance the energy sector in consistency with the 2°C scenario

The Group has set itself the goal of 15 billion euros by 2020, compared to 9.3 billion in 2016.

Support scientific research on climate 

The BNP Paribas Foundation supports climate change research through its Climate Initiative programme. This programme established in 2010 aims to improve our climate knowledge, promote research and make as many people as possible aware of the issues in this area. Since 2011 Climate Initiative has provided 12 million euros to support climate change research and has supported more than 15 projects of fundamental research on climate mechanisms.

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