Following the 8 Richter scale earthquake that hit the Sichuan Province in southwest China on the 12th of May, BNP Paribas appealed to all staff in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to contribute to the relief efforts, with the Bank having pledged to match the staff donations euro for euro.

BNP Paribas staff members raised a total of 240,000 euros in the three markets. Meanwhile, the Bank matched the donation with the same amount, bringing the total donation to 480,000 euros. The full amount was deposited directly to the China Red Cross Relief Fund.

BNP Paribas Head of North Asia Mignonne Cheng said, "Our hearts go out to all those victims so tragically devastasted by the catastrophe. In a small way, we hope our donations can go towards the relief effort under way. We hope for the speedy recovery of the wounded in the earthquake and that the survivors and the bereaved will find the courage and support they need to go forward with their lives and rebuild their homeland."

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