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The FTSE4Good is an extra-financial market index, created in partnership by the English ethical research agency EIRIS and the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE.) It measures the performances of over 800 companies satisfying environmental and social responsibility criteria.

New Structure of FTSE4Good Index

The index has listed BNP PARIBAS since 2001. Its continued presence on the list was confirmed by EIRIS and FTSE in March of this year.

The index criteria have become more demanding, in particular with regard to the environment and human rights. Forty more companies have now joined the index, including three French companies: Hermes International, PSA Citroën and Saint-Gobain Peugeot. Among the nineteen companies eliminated from the index, mainly for failing to meet the environmental criteria, none were French.

In the banking and financial sector, three new companies made their entrance: Student Loan Corporation (USA), Goldman Sachs Group (USA) and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (Japan); three American corporations were removed from the index: Washington Mutual, Northern Trust and Janus Capital Group.

Evolution of the index for European Banking Sector

FTSE4Good Global Index

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