The Business Support Services department in London held an Environmental Awareness Day on Thursday 15 May. The event was held to illustrate and underpin BNP Paribas' commitment to the environment and adherence to the United Nations' Global Compact programme.

At a time when the environment and our impact on it is so topical, it is important that staff are aware of the bank's recycling and sustainable initiatives, and equally important that staff recognise the steps that they can take, as individuals, to reduce their impact.

A number of outsourced providers, including the building's systems engineers and restaurant contractors, hosted stalls to demonstrate their 'green' commitment. The stalls provided building-related information and also energy-saving ideas for staff to use at home.

The event was seen as a great success, both in terms of engaging BNP Paribas staff and in underlining the Group's commitment to sustainability and the concept of 'thinking global and acting local'.

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