Just one week after announcing a stepping up in our policies on financing the transition to sustainable energy, BNP Paribas is now publishing, in conjunction with educational website LeWebPédagogique, a digital book intended to enable anyone and everyone to get to grips with this topic.

Using videos, illustrations, maps, quizzes, etc, the book describes all the current innovations designed to promote the transition to sustainable energy generation and use, highlighting such key initiatives as Invacost, Station Energy, Subglacior, Gemini and BlaBlaCar.

Energy transition

Through these examples, the book clearly illustrates and explains all the various concepts and challenges underlying this globally-important subject, including:

  • The role of greenhouse gases and climate change
  • The benefits of using cleaner energy
  • Access to energy sources for all
  • Adaptation to climate change
  • The vital need to alter our day-to-day consumption habits

Designed to be read on iPad, Android tablet or PC screens (html version), it can be downloaded free of charge. The e-book is available in English and French.

Download it on iTunes (iOS), GooglePlay (Android) or read it on desktop.

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