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BNP Paribas and l'Opinion : Green Finance, the driving force for a new sustainable world

As part of the Sustainable Future Forum, BNP Paribas has teamed up with the L’Opinion newspaper for a series of exclusive articles on sustainable finance. They feature first-hand accounts from BNP Paribas clients, as well as analysis of the economic situation and the markets by specialists in the Group.

Green Finance, the driving force for a new sustainable world

Adif, the Spanish railway network operator, Helvetia Environnement and Michelin all attest to the support and expertise of BNP Paribas regarding sustainable finance, through measures such as green bonds and the integration of ESG indices (environment, social, governance) in decision-making. These articles also provide a full situational analysis of market upheavals, where the investors are now including the ESG criteria in their activity, and the latest practices of economic giants like China, which is implementing a highly ambitious renewable energy investment plan. Group experts also give their analysis of the trends and initiatives implemented by the Group in Africa, Asia and the Americas. 

Finally, Yann Gérardin, Head of  Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB), gives an interview in which he talks about the reconstruction of the CIB bank model, following the 2013-2014 period, and the opportunity presented by sustainable finance, which was implemented at BNP Paribas by means of several levers including more ethical conduct towards stakeholders, digital transformation and the inclusion of sustainable finance in customer activity. Everyone agrees that sustainable finance should become a meaningful sector which is rich in opportunity and an instrument for mobilisation.  

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