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BNP Paribas and l’Opinion: why is the financial sector scaling up?

In anticipation of the COP24, which is taking place in Poland from 3 to 14 December, the French daily newspaper l’Opinion, published an exclusive dossier: “Climate and biodiversity: why is the financial sector scaling up?” to which several experts from BNP Paribas contributed. Why does finance have a major role to play in the energy transition? How can it support the movement to a low-carbon world? Can the green economy be profitable? This dossier highlights the points of view and solutions of eight observers in sustainable finance.

Reduce the “Funding gap” by redirecting available capital

Through interviews and analyses, eight experts from the financial sector and representatives of NGOs have drawn the same conclusion: private and public actors have become aware of the emergency brought on by climate change and of the need to get involved in supporting the fight against global warming and social inequality, and in favour of a low-carbon world. Economic players are actively participating in the acceleration of the energy transition and innovating in the field of responsible investment

“ We give precedence to commitment and dialogue over exclusion, as the latter does not make it possible to change practices. Our ambition is to support the necessary move to a low-carbon world, which will be an indicator of more sustainable and inclusive growth. In order for this to happen, we are focusing on three areas. These appear to us to be inseparable from such growth: the energy transition,the preservation of the environment, and social equality. ”

Frédéric Janbon

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of BNP Paribas Asset Management Holding

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