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BNP Paribas and #GlobalGoals: The challenges of transition towards a sustainable city

On the occasion of the second “BNP Paribas and #GlobalGoals” conference organised by the BNP Paribas Group’s CSR department, spotlight on SDG n°11: Sustainable Cities and Towns. Mathieu Saujot, Engineer and Doctor in Economics, researcher in the Fabrique Urbaine programme and organiser of the IDDRI Club Ville, talks about the challenges of transition towards a sustainable city.

Combining environmental and digital transition - looking at mobility.

Cities contain half of the world’s population, consume 60-80% of its energy, and represent density and an environmental burden. Yet there are solutions to change this, which is the case of the mobility market.

Knowing that 29% of all emissions in France come from transport, a threefold transformation of the mobility market is possible:

  • Electric vehicles: the importance of credit markets to facilitate household purchases, including second-hand, and to rethink electrical solutions in an approach to mobility that is changing fast
  • Collaborative mobility: the buzz of local car-pooling, moving towards integration in new public services
  • Independent mobility: To support the upsurge in autonomous vehicles   

BNP Paribas Real Estate innovates to meet the challenges of the sustainable city.

ARBORETUM: conversion of an industrial site

The Arboretum site in Nanterre represents 8.9 hectares of land and 125,800m² of office space.

Green goal:  

6 hectares of parkland, 600m of canal and reedbed, 3,200m² of vegetable garden and a green amphitheatre. Solid wood, a renewable, natural, recyclable resource that offers excellent thermal isolation, will be used. Virtuous water management and optimum use of renewable energies.

MULTISTRATES: built on air

In the 17th arrondissement of Paris, the idea is to cover the ring road at Portes des Ternes. Multistrates will consist of 11,000m² of office space, 70 ownership housing units, 28 social housing units, 950m² of shop space and 3,000m² of planted areas and urban farming.

Green goal: 

The use of cross-laminated timber, a virtuous plant strategy, an environment-friendly ecosystem, urban scale farming, energy pooling and connected car-sharing.

Visuel Arboretum ©Ecocampus Seine

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