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ADIE (Association for the right to Economic Initiative), a registered non profit-making organisation, finances and accompanies unemployed people or beneficiaries of the RMI (Minimum guaranteed income), who are excluded from the classic banking system and who wish to create or to develop an economic activity. Since 1988, more than 15 500 companies were created in this way in France. The rate of survival of financed companies (70 % after 2 years of existence) is the same as the French national average for new businesses and the rate of repayment is of the order of 93 %.

To assure its development, ADIE has to strengthen its shareholder's equity and its permanent capital. Employee savings schemes, as defined under the law on collective savings of July 2001, may help it to do this.

BNP Paribas Employee Savings Scheme pursued its commitment to ethical financial management with the creation of the collective MULTIPAR fund. ADIE will henceforth be a part of companies in which the collective MULTIPAR fund can direct its investments. So, every employee who subscribes to this fund within the framework of his or her Voluntary Employee Savings Partnership Plan (in French PPESV) can participate in the development of the collective credit.

Eventually, this fund will be accessible to the 1 300 000 employees of companies who are clients of BNP Paribas Employee Savings Scheme, establishing a savings plan which combines profitability and takes part in the fight against exclusion.
BNP PARIBAS is an historic partner of ADIE, the association created in 1988 by Maria Nowak: both the BNP and Paribas were among the very first banks to support the action of ADIE, through subordinate loans and subsidies.
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