BNP Paribas Canada was active last month in the 'Défi Climat' (Climate challenge) campaign, designed to alert companies to climate change. In total, more than 110,000 employees from 130 companies took part in the challenge, in which each committed individually to certain 'green' actions. The eagerness of BNP Paribas Canada staff to participate resulted in the bank taking second place in its category, with 57% of staff taking part. Overall, 176 staff in Montreal and Toronto signed up, during May, to reduce their CO2 emissions by 179.1 tonnes a year.

This initiative is part of a programme aimed to encourage corporate citizenship and was partnered by the bank's Sustainable Development committee. Other committee initiatives include 'Vert le Boulot' (Green work) which reimburses half the fares for staff using public transport, and 'Habitat pour l'humanité' a volunteer project in which BNP Paribas employees help build a house for a low-income family.

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