As part of its commitment to encouraging diversity, more particularly professional equality between men and women, on the 20 of November BNP Paribas signed the Parenthood Charter in Paris, in the presence of Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Labour, Social Relations, the Family and Solidarity, Nadine Morano, Secretary of State for the Family, and Laurence Parisot, the President of Medef (Movement of the French Enterprises).

This charter, launched in the spring under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Labour, aims to encourage parenthood in companies: to support fathers and mothers in achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

The Parenthood Observatory in Companies has set up three objectives for itself:
  • To assess the practices of employers in reconciling their employees' professional and private lives
  • To enable good practices to be shared between companies via its website
  • To persuade a growing number of companies and entities to sign the Charter

BNP Paribas, the only bank to have signed this charter to date, has thus demonstrated its determination to continue the
commitment it gave many years ago to encourage balance between professional and private life. Frédéric Lavenir, the Human Resources Director of BNP Paribas, bears witness to this:

“For BNP Paribas, signing the Parenthood Charter was a unique opportunity to show all our employees, both male and female, how much we care about balance between family life and professional life and the well-being of each of them.

The signature of this Charter complements the signature of our Agreement of July 2007 on professional equality between men and women.

We believe that a flourishing professional life has a beneficial effect on family life and vice-versa. Our corporate actions and agreements take full account of the need for an environment that favours employees who are parents, whether they're men or women.”

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