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The winners of the BNP Paribas' Financial Services Lab

Among the 50 start-ups which worked in the BNP Paribas's Financial Servcies Lab, 10 of them were awarded, for their creativity and their capacity of disruption. They are divided into 2 categories: #ConnectedFinance and #ConnectedCommerce.


  • First Prize

The First Prize goes to Evoluchain, a Blockchain platform which empowers companies with smart contracts.  

  • Jury Prizes

- Ledgys (unavailable link), which works on the crypted data, 

- Open Bank Project, an open source API and App store for banks that empowers financial institutions to securely and rapidly enhance their digital offerings using an ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services,

- Signatys, which develops an electronic signature solution, 

- FundVisory, which automates access to financial services, 

-  SESAMm, which proposes to predict the evolution of financial markets on the basis of social networks.  


  • First Prizes

The 2 winners are Clother, which proposes an app to get the best of menswear, and Aircloak , which offers a solution combining analysis of personal data and protection of privacy.  

  • Jury Prizes

The Jury Prizes go to Digifood, which has designed a fooding platform in the crowded places, such as stadiums, and to Buuyers, which gives the opportunity to share advice on the professional world.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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