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WAVE, How collective ingenuity is changing the world in Berlin

On 1st and 2 October 2016, the WAVE (unavailable link) exhibition was in Berlin in conjunction with the Maker Faire. A Maker Faire is a science party, an amazing popular faire where DoItYourSelf pro and makers gathers around workshops and demo. It is also a key event for bottom up innovation. The WAVE exhibition benefited from this wonderful energy! Conferences, workshops and informal discussions were opportunities to bring together BNP Paribas’ collaborators, partners, and makers from all around the world.

WAVE was on exclusive preview on Friday for students

Berlin students and BNP Paribas’ clients were invited to discover the WAVE (unavailable link) exhibition from Friday 30th October.

More than 4 000 children came with their teachers where they could experiment on workshops organized by exhibitors.. Students also particularly enjoyed the 5 animated movies made by Gobelin on the 5 currents of collective ingenuity.

At lunch time, the exhibition atmosphere totally changed : BNP Paribas’ clients and partners, as well as collaborators from the online Bank Consors bank! and all the makers were invited for an exclusive exhibition tour. The tour was done by Peter Hesseldahl, future expert and major contributor on WAVE.

On Friday evening, makers, Maker Faire’s partners and collective ingenuity entrepreneurs gathered at the HappyLab opening. All were invited to celebrate the launchof this new Berlin fablab. The HappyLab will welcome makers but also all the curious who want to create anything with high quality machines.

From WAVE Dakar to WAVE Berlin … discover the Senegalese makers movement! 

Since September 2014, the WAVE exhibition stopped in 14 cities in France and all around the world. 

One of its stop was Dakar (unavailable link), where we met the senegalese maker mouvement. One of Dakar emblematic fablab is Defko Ak Niëp, which focus on how maker movement can revolutionize education. 

Dodji Koffi Honou (unavailable link), fablab manager, and Thierry Giles (unavailable link), maker and designer in Senegal, were  invited in Berlin to share about their experiences and explain how maker movement can help to collectively imagine the future of Senegal

They gave a conference about their jobs and ambitions in the heart of the Maker Faire halls.

Dodji Koffi has shown how maker movement is complementary to the traditional education system. He actively promoted learning by doing. The high quality Senegalese school and university system is not based on experiences, and hands-on-learning. Defko Ak Ñiëp fablab proposes workshops to students and teachers in order to show all the potential of the maker movement.

At the end of the conference, audience show their interest by asking a lot of questions. Their testimonies about the maker movement outside of Europe reminded that in a global word, African and European are inventing together the future.

Quiz to go from theory to practice

WAVE visitors have discovered twenty collective ingenuity projects (unavailable link) from all over the world and three Berlin project which are ingenious and inspiring.

  1. ECF Farmsystem (unavailable link): an urban farm which raised fishes.
  2. Haus der Guten Taten (unavailable link): a fair trade shop which employed disabled people
  3. Parking List (unavailable link), an app to find a parking lot in no time!

Beyond this theoric content, the visitors were encouraged to answer the quiz “Which Innowaver are you?”, to propose new addresses on the Berlin collective ingenuity map and above all to participate to workshops. The visitors were invited to think like true makers.

Thanks to these workshops, WAVE visitors have experimented the makers spirit in a creative atmosphere.

WAVE Berlin (unavailable link) edition has been a great adventure which gathered students, BNP Paribas collaborators and clients and makers from Europe and Africa. 

Next step of  WAVE exhibition will be Brussels in November 2016.  Brussels’ edition will celebrate sharing economy! 


www.wave-innovation.com (unavailable link)

A wave of collective ingenuity is sweeping across the world. Drawing on a wide range of concrete examples, the WAVE exhibition explores the major currents on every continent: co-creation, the sharing economy, the maker movement, the inclusive economy, and the circular economy. These examples feature people from all walks of life who share a positive vision of the world of tomorrow. 

Discover (unavailable link)

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