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WAI Boost, season 3

And we’re off for a third season of WAI Boost, an acceleration programme designed by BNP Paribas that allies start-ups with large companies or medium-sized businesses.

11 start-up/company pairs

Through the intermediary of its French Retail Bank and L'Atelier BNP Paribas, the Group has launched this new edition, which includes 11 start-up/company pairs. Participants commit to a six-month collaboration, during which they work on an innovative robotics, augmented reality or artificial intelligence project in fields such as manufacturing, health, service and transportation.

Here are the 11 pairs:

  • BatVoice puts conversational intelligence to work with customer relations (with Pierre & Vacances).
  • Bloc in Bloc is designing an augmented reality mobile calling solution dedicated to building and construction (with Spie Batignolles). 
  • Brennus Analytics is working to optimise pricing for manufacturers  (with Heppner).
  • Capte is developing an electronic control unit that collects information transmitted within a vehicle’s local network (CAN Bus, OBD connector) (with Motul).
  • DAMAE Medical is perfecting a technology that pairs high resolution imagery with biopsy-free skin cancer detection algorithms (with Guerbet).
  • Planet Ride who selects and references the best travel agencies specialists in road-trip (with Prisma Media).
  • Dataswati is modelling and putting knowledge to work in the form of a graph for prescriptive decision support systems (with Vicat).
  • Energic offers an energetic, interactive and community-based coaching solution (with Idex).
  • Lucine is improving living conditions for patients by combating against pain treatment side effects  (with Ipsen).
  • MIP robotics designs and builds user-friendly collaborative industrial robots at an affordable price (with) Radiall
  • Smart-Services is developing an office management platform that groups together all the services and supplies necessary to manage office spaces (with Onet). 

A programme which has proven its success

Begun in 2014, BNP Paribas’s WAI Boost programme is an opportunity for start-ups to accelerate their development and the launch of their products or services. 

WAI Boost lets large and mid-cap companies identify promising start-ups, so they better handle their strategic challenges through a privileged relationship.

There’s more to come... so best of luck to the participants in this great adventure! 

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