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#VivaTech: review the conference “How will our digital transformation enable us to reinvent the customer experience”

Review the conference “How will our digital transformation enable us to reinvent the customer experience, notably in collaboration with FinTechs?”, whose participants notably included Sophie Heller, COO of BNP Paribas Retail Banking and Services, and the startups: Cadre de Vie (speaker : Stéphane Vie, COO Cadre de Vie) and Daon (speaker Eric Gilmore, Head of pre-sales Daon)

VivaTech: reactions hot off the press!

VivaTech is covering all the major topics. At the end of each conference, we asked participants what they thought and why they had attended the event. Here are some reactions hot off the press from the conference “Reinventing Customer Experience in Collaboration with Fintechs”. 

Testimonial Ismaël, 45 years old

“I came to the conference because my startup is a BNP Paribas partner. We develop chatbots for banking and cognitive banking. What I liked most about the conference was how it highlighted the synergy between startups working closely with BNP Paribas in order to tailor the customer experience. 

It’s funny, because last year I was the one on stage! I know all about the Group’s efforts in open innovation and how it works with start-up!”

Testimonial Amandine, 22/23 years old

“I’m majoring in entrepreneurship at the Institut Paul Bocuse, a hospitality and hotel management school. It’s my first time at VivaTech and I’m impressed! A few other students and I want to form our own startup. We came here to see what is being done with state-of-the-art technology and how that can help us with our project. I came to this conference because I’m really interested in the customer experience. I’ve been looking forward to the conference for a long time and was very excited to be here! I was pleasantly surprised to see all the initiatives developed by BNP Paribas with startups in this area. I’m learning a lot! It’s all so interesting and gives me loads to think about for my future startup! Fingers crossed!” 

Testimonial Aurélie, 30 years old

“I’m an innovation manager at an independent Franco-German financial group, so I know all about VivaTech! I’m interested in every detail of the user experience. I came to take inspiration from what BNP Paribas and its startup partners had to say! 

I was already familiar with the startup and its efforts to streamline the identification process for bank customers. But not Cadre de Vie. They have improved the customer experience for the mortgage application process with an interactive map and advanced search filters to help users find a home that meets all their criteria. I was impressed with their demonstration, it gave me a lot of food for thought!” 

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