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TEDxParis: a new perspective on financial innovation

As a bank of a changing world, we offer a selection of 4 presentations of TEDxParis (unavailable link), the local offshoot of TED, the American conference series focusing on the major challenges of our time: financial and business innovation.

Imagining tomorrow’s solutions with TEDxParis : Money and virtual currencies as you’ve never seen them before 

Covering topics such as time, artificial intelligence, the ecological transition, introspection and even sleep, TEDxParis is full of disruptive ideas. Below is a series of four videos that show a different side of banking and finance.  

« Do cryptocurrencies spell the end of financial crises? », by Primavera De Filippi

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies. Could they also be the best weapon against financial crises? Primavera De Filippi, researcher at Harvard University’s Berkman-Klein Center for Internet & Society, explains how to change our perspective on cryptocurrencies.  

Watch the video (unavailable link)

« Hacker houses to reorganize work in the digital age », by Paul Poupet 

What if companies worked perpetually in hackathon mode? Convinced that the classic corporate model is ill-adapted to his generation, Paul Poupet, creator of Seed-Up, France’s first hacker house, decided to launch a space that keeps the hackathon spirit alive every day. 

Watch the video (unavailable link)

"After money" by Jean-François Noubel 

With so many different currencies in the world, it’s an essential topic. Jean-François Noubel, founder of the Collective Intelligence Research Institute, discusses all forms of sovereign currency, as well as the emergence of local currencies, social currencies, citizen currencies and free currencies that foretell “an evolution of our cash”. 

Watch the video (unavailable link)

"Onboard generosity" by Pierre-Emmanuel Grange

Donating a small amount to a charity whenever we make a purchase or get a paycheck is called “onboard generosity” or “round up” micro-donation. Pierre-Emmanuel Grange created the social enterprise “microDON” to expand this form of “onboard generosity”. BNP Paribas also enables its employees to round up for charity through SIMPLIDONS, a service that facilitates donations to partner organizations.

Watch the video (unavailable link)

From TED to TEDxParis

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design, which are the three themes covered at its annual conference. The TED organization was created in 1984 in Monterey, California, by architect and graphic designer Richard Saul Wurman. For a period of four days every year, TED “talks” bring together the planet’s top talents—business leaders, scientists, designers, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, etc.—to share their disruptive ideas with the world. 

TED’s French off-shoot, TEDxParis, was founded in April 2009 by Michel Levy-Provençal. It is also the first TEDx conference in Europe. Today, TEDxParis represents a community of 130,000 people and companies.

Crédits Photos Header - Primavera De Filippi : TEDxParis 2017 - ©Jacob Khrist

Paul Poupet : TEDxParis 2016 - ©Julien Mouffron-Gardner

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