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“Positive Impact Tech” stakeholders come together to set up France Eco-Sociale Tech (FEST).

Technological and scientific innovation is a powerful mechanism for solving social problems. The ecosystem that has grown up around entrepreneurs who harness these tools to serve the public interest must be better identified in order to grow its influence and inspire people, whatever the status of the business players who contribute to it. That is the strongly-held belief of the France Eco-Sociale Tech (FEST) movement, a France Digitale initiative created by over 70 entrepreneurs and investors involved in “Tech&Science For Good”.

In order to unify and represent this social movement, what was lacking was an overarching organisation bringing together entrepreneurs and investors of all types (large companies, social and solidarity economy, associations, foundations, etc.), whatever sector they operate in.

FEST, a France Digitale initiative, was set up with the aim of bringing people together and fulfilling a complementary role in the French positive business impact environment.

Bringing together stakeholders using technological and scientific innovation to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals

The aim of the FEST initiative is to accelerate the emergence of an ecosystem of entrepreneurs using technology and science to help achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The Goals encompass the major issues facing society, from the fight against poverty to the battle against climate change. Yet while many entrepreneurs are addressing these topics by developing superb solutions, it is still difficult for their businesses to emerge and for the responses they provide to gain traction.

FEST is an initiative enabling entrepreneurs and people involved in investment (business angels and investment funds focused on financing innovative positive-impact projects) and support (accelerators and incubators of positive-impact innovation) to pursue three goals:

  • Construct and curate a dynamic community that promotes exchange, and the sharing of experience, expertise and collaboration initiatives,
  • Develop inspiring projects led by members in order to spark vocations and encourage other entrepreneurs and investors to focus their efforts on making an impact,
  • Represent the ecosystem to institutions: it is by identifying stumbling blocks and proposing solutions that we will be able to get society to support the emergence of a responsible, impact-conscious form of economy and technology.
BNP Paribas, the bank of one in four social entrepreneurs in France, is a founding partner of FEST

Among the first focuses of FEST: Identification and Presentation of the Ecosystem

Thanks to its key position in the ecosystem, FEST is preparing the first map of the Tech&Science For Good business ecosystem, which will be presented at the 2018 edition of VivaTechnology, the global startups and innovation gathering.

As well as the ecosystem growing up around entrepreneurs, it is also important to identify all the startups involved, throughout the country. FEST will soon be presenting an interactive, dynamic and participatory listing tool which will identify all the Tech&Science For Good stakeholders in France.

“ The growth of technologies and new models combining an economic purpose and social goals are essential for our collective future. Today there are numerous initiatives on the ground which have the potential to change the lives of millions of people and the FEST movement will catalyse their development. As a major partner of social innovation actors in France, we are proud to contribute to it ”

Antoine Sire

Director of the BNP Paribas Group Company Engagement department 

Source : FEST press release a France Digitale initiative, May 18, 2018

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