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MIT Innovators Under 35 France 2017 winners

Since 2011, the MIT Innovators Under 35 European Awards have recognised young innovators from the Old Continent who use technology and innovation to resolve current problems. The French round of MIT Under 35 Europe was held on 8 June. Sponsored by L’Atelier BNP Paribas, BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas Fortis, this event awarded 10 finalists, including one winner among them.

Synthetic ADN, connected defibrillator and exoskeleton...

The MIT Innovators Under 35 France have selected winners from all sectors and universes. Here they are:

  • Sylvain Gabriel, with DNA Script, working on the production of synthetic DNA, was elected Innovator of the Year 2017 in France.
  • Morgane Barthod, with Météo Swift, which analyses data from wind farms in order to anticipate possible electrical interferences using artificial intelligence and big data.
  • Thibaut Duchemin, for the Ava application, which enables deaf and hearing-impaired people to follow a conversation.
  • Clémence Franc, with NovaGray, which designs a radiotherapy solution that can be adapted for cancer patients.
  • Johan Kalchman,  for Lifeaz, a connected defibrillator for the home or small premises.
  • Nataliya Kosmyna, with Braini, a new type of helmet that can be used to move objects merely through brain activity.
  • Hugo Mercier, with Rythm, a headband to improve sleep quality.
  • Antoine Noel, with Japet Medical Service, working on an exoskeleton to relieve backaches.
  • Sidarth Radjou, with Biomodex, which produces faithful copies of organs with which to train medical staff, by means of three-dimensional modelling techniques and 3D printers.    
  • Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, with Clustree, developing a Human Resource recommendation platform that relies on artificial intelligence. 

Next stage: Belgium, on 20 June!  

MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe


The MIT Innovators Under 35 Europe reward young European entrepreneurs who want to change the world. 


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