The bank for a changing world

Daniel Kaplan, the Managing Director of Fondation Internet pour la Nouvelle Génération (FING), made a presentation on the latest trends in the internet.

This presentation was made on 12 February in the Kléber auditorium in front of 90 executives whose jobs are directly internet-related.

Daniel Kaplan discussed the internet's growth crisis and the adverse impact it has had on confidence in the internet, notably because of resistance to e-commerce. However, the number of web surfers has been increasing steadily. The internet continues to develop, but not in line with the expected patterns. It still has a number of technology thresholds to break through.

Here are some of the main current internet trends:
· "nomadism", i.e. the ability to carry your environment around with you;
· digital identification of users in terms of their various uses of the internet;
· mutual communication between systems;
· greater user control over access to data.

It is important to observe and keep track of the ways people use the internet, often purely for communication purposes. It is also interesting to note the dynamics of the appropriation of these new tools, as well as the new relationships with customers that are emerging.
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