In this edition, EcoTV Week analyzes the reduction made by the European Central Bank of the interest rate on deposit facility to 0%. And also, EcoWeek brings you the latest news on Europe and the U.S.

EcoTV WEEK: ECB joins the club of zero policy rates
Clemente DE LUCIA

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Overview: Optimism is a rare commodity
The Bundestag approves the Spanish banking bail-out The Eurogroup unveils its details Food prices on the rise.
Alexandra ESTIOT

Overview: ECB - joining the club of zero policy rates
The ECB decided to lower the deposit facility rate to 0%, an historic decision.
Clemente DE LUCIA

The week in the US: Sluggish consumption
Will the US economy continue to slow or has it already hit bottom? Retail sales declined for the third consecutive month in June.
Alexandra ESTIOT

The week in the Euro zone: The good student paradox
Even though it received good quarterly marks from the Troika (the European Commission, IMF and ECB), Portugal is still far from meeting the deficit reduction targets set when it signed the rescue package in May 2011.
Thibault MERCIER

EcoWeek July 20

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