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Guiding our clients towards sustainable mobility

Car-sharing, carpooling, mobility package, "zero emissions" cars: major changes are afoot in our means of transport. We no longer just talk about transport, but mobility. Sustainable mobility that combines accessibility and respect for the environment.

The CASE syndrome

For a number of years now, the automotive industry is going through a real revolution known as the CASE syndrome. Cars now need to be:

  • Connected: The arrival of the internet in vehicles offers a new range of must-have products and services (GPS, personal assistant, entertainment, etc.).
  • Autonomous: Thanks to on-board electronics, cars are becoming smarter and safer.
  • Shared: The development of the circular economy is changing how we see ownership, car use is becoming a flexible service.
  • Electric: The scheduled phase-out of high-polluting internal combustion vehicles in favour of the development of electric cars. The number of electric vehicles on the roads worldwide multiplied by 5 between 2014 and 2017.

"The car of tomorrow will be a computer on 4 wheels" explains Berthold Müller, Head of Investment Banking Industrials EMEA - BNP Paribas CIB. This transformation responds both to new trends in mobility, and the arrival on the market of new players who are turning things on their head (chauffeur-driven transportation companies, digital giants, etc.), and to the development of alternatives to petrol.

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Convinced that finance needs to be at the heart of the energy transition and the sustainable economy, the Group has announced that: 

it will invest €15 billion in the renewable energies sector and €100 million in greentechs involved in the energy transition by 2020.

In addition to these measures, BNP Paribas is working every day to develop practical solutions to guide all of its clients towards sustainable mobility.

Shared mobility

According to a recent study by L’Observatoire Cetelem, 42% of the people questioned in 8 European countries can see themselves using a vehicle that does not belong to them in the next ten years. 73% of them think that carpooling and even car-sharing will grow in the next 10 years.

This is why BNP Paribas Personal Finance (unavailable link) and ARVAL (unavailable link) have now partnered with GoMore. This Danish startup offers a "3-in-1" service based on the principle of "Drive & Share": carpooling, rentals between private individuals and leasing. The Group's Auto Expert Division helps members to define their leasing project. Clients can then offer their vehicle for carpooling or short-term rental and therefore save on their monthly rent.

ARVAL has offered car-sharing for its business customers for the last 8 years, a solution that enables companies to optimise usage of their automotive fleet while making savings. No more need for taxis or short-term rentals on top! Pool vehicles are available to all employees for business or personal use and can be reserved with a click of the mouse.

BNP Paribas Personal Finance, through its brand Cetelem, is now working with UBER in France to support the development of chauffeur-driven transportation services. A specific financing model has been developed for drivers: 

  • recent second-hand or "zero-mile" vehicles at attractive prices, available to lease with an option to buy
  • possible financing of the initial outlay by ADIE

With this offer, BNP Paribas Personal Finance is facilitating access to credit for the self-employed.

Encouraging the use of alternative energies

Beyond simple budgetary control, reducing their energy bill is now an unavoidable sustainable development issue for companies.

With this in mind, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions has entered into a partnership with the manufacturer IVECO (unavailable link), the European leader for alternative fuel industrial vehicles. Together, they offer a range of vans and trucks that run on alternative fuel with preferential financing conditions.

The global electric vehicle market  


millions of electric vehicles on the road in 2017


in electric vehicles sales in 2017 VS 2016


MILLIONS of electric vehicles on the road by 2030

With its SMaRT (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Targets) approach, ARVAL is helping its clients to gradually shift to an electric fleet. From the installation of charging terminals and the mobile app to specific payment cards, the offer can be adapted to the needs of each company.

“ We have a duty to set an example. BNP Paribas is now carbon neutral.”


Director of the Company Engagement department and member of the Executive Committee

Committed to its clients, BNP Paribas also does everything it can to reduce its direct environmental impact (unavailable link) and is stepping up internal initiatives to raise awareness amongst its employees of sustainable mobility issues: carpooling app, electric bikes and scooters, gradual transition of the company fleet to electric vehicles, reducing the need for travel thanks to new technologies (web conferencing, video conferencing, telepresence, etc.).

More information  

2030: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (unavailable link) 

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