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Podcast On the Move # 5: Motorists in a fog? Flavien Neuvy, Senior economist, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, shares his analysis

"On the Move" is the BNP Paribas podcast series on sustainable mobility. In this fifth episode, Flavien Neuvy, Senior Economist at BNP Paribas Personal Finance, deciphers the results of the latest annual international study by the Observatoire Cetelem de l'Automobile, entitled "L'automobiliste en plein brouillard" ("Motorists are in a fog").

On the Move #5: The expectations and behaviour of motorists around the world 

The automotive sector is going through a period of great transition, both technological, with industrial choices tending towards electric power, and regulatory, with constraints and bans impacting our uses.

Against this backdrop, it is easy to understand why the latest international survey by the Cetelem Automotive Observatory, carried out in 16 countries and involving 15,000 people, is entitled "Motorists are in a fog". The finding is widely shared across all continents: motorists are undecided, even sceptical, and global sales are suffering as a result. Combining a reduction in environmental impact, the budget in an inflationary context and the regulatory constraints that are emerging in several urban areas is an equation full of unknowns and difficult to solve. 

In this episode, Flavien Neuvy deciphers the expectations and behaviours of motorists around the world and provides some keys to understanding how we may "drive out of the fog"!

 "I think that artificial intelligence is going to be a breakthrough, the scale of which we don't fully appreciate. But it really is the key to mobility over the next ten years."

#OntheMove, the sustainable mobility podcast

In each episode, our experts share their vision of the challenges, progress and future of mobility, which is becoming more sustainable, more inclusive and, above all, more concerned about environmental issues.

Episode 5 is now available, enjoy !

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Cetelem Observatory 

Founded in 1985, the Observatoire Cetelem is BNP Paribas Personal Finance's research and business intelligence unit. Its mission is to observe, shed light on and decipher changes in consumer trends in France and abroad.

The Cetelem Observatories are the two annual benchmark studies for the general public, including one on the automotive sector worldwide (17 countries).

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