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Podcast #OntheMove episode 4: How are technological, ecological and human issues shaping the road to sustainable mobility?

"On the Move" is the BNP Paribas podcast series on sustainable mobility. In this fourth episode, our experts take a closer look at the many challenges involved in attaining more sustainable and inclusive mobility.

On the Move #4: What are the technological, industrial and social challenges involved in sustainable mobility?

The transport of people and goods currently accounts for almost a quarter of global CO2 emissions, and sustainable mobility therefore plays an important role in the essential ecological transition. But over and above the environmental challenges, this new approach to mobility must also meet a host of other technological, industrial and social challenges, particularly in terms of accessibility.

In this latest episode of our “On the Move” podcast series, Jacques-Olivier DUMAS, Head of Business Development, CIB - Specialised Businesses, BNP Paribas Group, and Stefan LAVAU, Head of Innovation and Business Development, Low-Carbon Transition Group, BNP Paribas, shed light on the strategic topic of sustainable mobility and explain how the BNP Paribas Group is organised to support all the players in this vast ecosystem.

We have to make sure that sustainable mobility takes into account everyone, including disabled people, people living outside the cities with less financial means. Everyone has to be helped and not left alone.

#OntheMove, the sustainable mobility podcast 

In each episode, our experts share their vision of the challenges, progress and future of mobility, which is becoming more sustainable, more inclusive and, above all, more concerned about environmental issues.

Episode 4 is now available, enjoy!

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Head of Business Development | CIB - Specialised Businesses, BNP Paribas Group

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Head of Innovation and Business Development, Low-Carbon Transition Group, BNP Paribas Group

What is the Low-Carbon Transition Group?

Created in 2021 within BNP Paribas, the Low Carbon Transition Group is a dedicated and agile entity designed to support the Group's corporate and institutional clients around the world in accelerating their energy transition. It is made up of more than 200 BNP Paribas experts from the advisory, capital markets and sector specialist teams committed to the low-carbon transition.

The Low-Carbon Transition Group gives access to all of the BNP Paribas Group's expertise, particularly in clean energy, sustainable mobility and new technologies that are useful for decarbonisation.

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