LOGO FINTRO BNP ParibasRiding on the success of the Easy Banking iPad and iPhone dedicated app for BNP Paribas Fortis (over 85,000 downloads since its launch in February), the bank's developers have adapted the application's platform for use by Fintro's 340,000 customers.

Taking stock of the numerous breakthroughs brought about by current developments in mobile Internet technology, Fintro is pleased to offer its customers its own mobile banking application, becoming the first network of independent banking agents and insurance brokers to offer this service.

Available for free download from the Apple App Store, Fintro Easy Banking is designed to make customers' lives easier by enabling them to perform essential banking transactions through a streamlined graphic interface over a system ideally tailored to the screen formats of the iPad tablet and the iPhone smartphone.

Along with Fintro's increasingly successful PC Banking service, the Fintro Easy Banking app gives customers access to a multitude of different services. It can be used to display accounts in detail, view balances more effectively and conveniently via an interactive control panel, send transfers and even personalise the interface, which enables users to refine the visibility and organisation of their accounts based on what they want to see—securely and from anywhere.

By giving its customers access to a dedicated iPhone and iPad banking app, Fintro is reinforcing its multi-channel approach while reaffirming its values of professionalism and proximity (“Proche et Pro”).

The Fintro Easy Banking app is already available to customers on the PC Banking system from the Apple App Store.

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