The EXPERIMENTA exhibition : the intersection of art and science

  • 07.10.2016

For 6 years, the EXPERIMENTA Exhibition has provided an opportunity to showcase projects created by artists, scientists and technologists. Together, they have created new technological applications, new forms of artistic creation, and developed new ideas while pushing back the boundaries of knowledge.

It’s all about demonstrating that interaction between the latest technologies and artistic creativity can lead to inventions that may be surprising or even quirky - but promising. EXPERIMENTA’s ambition is to spark new uses and applications, not only on the stage, but also beyond the world of culture.

The installations, workshops and conferences focus on the themes of immersion, interactivity, energy, optics and artificial intelligence.

1st image : To record water during days ©Javiera_Tejerina-Risso

2nd image : Blue Gorgon#02 - An immersive work of light and sound by Stéfane Perraud and Aram Kebabdjian. 

One of the highlights of the programme will be the “Perspectives on AI” conference, which will review the latest technological advances in the context of how they compare with the capabilities of the human brain. This roundtable on artificial intelligence will examine human creativity, the relationship of humans with their own tools, and that of the artist with these new forms of technology.

WAVE is a partner of the EXPERIMENTA Exhibition for the second consecutive year. It’s a great opportunity to explore the potential of co-creation projects between artists and scientists

EXPERIMENTA 2016 by Atelier-Arts-Sciences


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WAVE is a partner of the EXPERIMENTA Exhibition for the second consecutive year. The WAVE exhibition explores the major currents on every continent: co-creation, the sharing economy, the maker movement, the inclusive economy, and the circular economy. 
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