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E-health for a better diagnosis

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In collaboration with L'Atelier BNP Paribas, the Group has created "Change It", a video magazine that presents innovation in all its forms. It aims to identify the most innovative start-ups and offers insights into their operations around the world. This week, discover Bioserenity.

Bioserenity presents the Neuronaute, a smart healthcare solution for the diagnosis and monitoring of epilepsy.

This is a smart clothing equipped with biometric sensors that records physiological characteristics connected via Bluetooth to an innovative smartphone app that processes and analyses data originating from the smart clothing, itself connected to a Cloud system that gathers data allowing in depth analysis and information sharing.

The Neuronaute tracks physiological characteristics of the epileptic patient in real time. As soon as there is a sign of seizure identified, a warning can be triggered and the smartphone will be able to broadcast to listeners and care takers the proper procedure to follow. It is therefore possible to have a home monitoring thereby revolutionize the life of the patient.

Data shared through the cloud can be accessed at any time by the doctor in charge of the patient. The doctor can use the data for an optimized diagnosis and can view the response to a medical treatment and adjust it accordingly in real time.

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