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Discover the winners of BNP Paribas International Hackathon 2016

During a weekend of hard work, in 8 countries, 96 start-ups have been working hard to improve the customer experience. 18 of them were retained for the rest of the adventure and the Digital Bootcamp which will be held this summer. Discover the lucky ones, country by country!


  • Excense SAS co-creates, designs and develops software solutions to enhance human-to-human interactions in commercial and collaborative environments.
  • Cadre de Vie sells several APIs to generate real-estate leads. It identifies customers likely to move in the short term and shares this information with other partners  who can benefit  from additional  leads. 

  • Carsift, a car recommendation engine which understands consumers’ emotional and practical needs to help them find the perfect car. 

United States

  • KaChing makes it easy for parents to create custodial investment accounts for their kids so that families can start investment portfolios with the touch of a button.
  • Spacequant provides an automated research platform for commercial real estate investors and lenders, helping analyze where to invest and how well a property is likely to perform.

96 start-ups working hard, from San Francisco to Paris.

United Kingdom

  • Atsora (unavailable link), platform is a “virtual CFO” for SME helping with cashflow and business model planning, cost optimization and sales. Platform is seamlessly integrated with bank account, online accounting and other SaaS business applications in order to provide real-time view on business and help with day-by-day decisions. 
  • Symetrics (unavailable link), a risk technology company that offers SyMath, a strategic risk analytics software platform for financial institutions.


  • Birdee/Gambit repositions clients at the center of the investment advisory process with an adaption of a robo-advisor solution.
  • Ixor used its IoT platform IxorTalk to create a product adding value and convenience to BNP Paribas Fortis clients. Through the EasyBanking app, they allow the clients to access the BNP Paribas parkings and meeting rooms in a frictionless way using their smartphone.


  • Almonds provides semantic analysis and a new collaborative space with accountants.
  • Windmills « BNL/US » funds customer dream home with an innovative loan that let borrowers get more capital by leveraging trust from friends, family and fans.
  • All Industries “Web 3.0 Innovative Chat Bot” allow customers to interact smartly with their Bank!.


  • Hi Emma helps users who want to do their banking in a hassle freeway by providing a human interface to banking services. It has set up a bot in established messaging channels that connects to the user’s financial account. 
  • Aboalarm,  a leading mobile & web-based contract management service in Germany enabling private persons to easily cancel contracts and keep the perfect overview of all contracts (insurances, cable, electricity,gas, etc). Aboalarm is the only full-service/web-service that helps users to cancel auto-renewing contracts.

 Pitch session in Warsaw.


  • Autenti,  a platform that approves documents and signs contracts online to bring more sales and happy customers with one-click e-signatures.
  • Indata provides advanced IT services and complex software products supported by professional business consulting services.


  • Birlikte.al, a real estate crowdfunding platform which offers instant credit to customers in order to invest in real estate, while enabling SMEs to find funds through the platform by selling their property and become a renter.
  • Hesapkurdu, a single platform and a continuous experience for a fast, easy-to-use digital mortgage process and immediate online approval.

Each of these winners will be working with BNP Paribas' entities: Personal Finance, Bank of the West, BGZ, BNL, Consorsbank, Fortis, TEB, among others.

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