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Decrypting new trends in mobile at the WMC 2016

From 22 to 25 February, the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest mobile telephony event, was held in Barcelona. Nearly 100,000 people took part in this 4-day event, which showcased the future of all things mobile.

L’Atelier BNP Paribas took part in this event via its observer, who was on site to identify the main areas of mobile innovation, including automotive and mobile payment innovations.

A revolution of the means of payment?

The emergence of biometrics in payment processes was a major highlight of this Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The selfie can now be used to verify payments. The user’s face can now serve as a payment guarantee, through a facial recognition system. Fingerprint recognition projects are also under way.

Methods of payment are increasingly becoming an integral part of the mobile ecosystem. Internet pure players are also partnering with leading telephony companies to design payment solutions that include the ability to directly recharge users’ phone plans.

The car is also being transformed into a mobile payment terminal, via apps built into the car’s connected interface. This system notifies drivers about fuel levels, directs them to the nearest petrol station, and allows them to make payments right from their dashboards. Similar products are being developed for parking solutions.

Cars at the time of mobility

Car manufacturers are developing mobility-centred apps with solutions that bring together a range of services from concierge-style bookings to appointment-making, including tools for locating gas stations and parking places, as well as a loyalty programme. 

Automotive brands are also working on urban car-sharing projects, guaranteeing both the vehicle rental and the availability of a parking place on arrival. This complements other initiatives such as enabling package deliveries between individuals, the development of driver assistance systems, and semi-autonomous driving, as well as pedestrian detection, speed control and live traffic management tools.

So many innovations – innovations that are building on and encouraging new practical applications in a world that’s in a constant state of change.  

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