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Create a new customer experience with Excense

Excense reinvents customer facing interactions in branches with a multi-user software that allows customers to collaborate with advisors and thus become active during interviews. It’s a concept that was presented and passed all rounds of the 2nd BNP Paribas International Hackathon. It was noticed during the three-day “Hackathon Weekend” in June 2016, polished during the Digital Bootcamp between July and November and finally awarded during the Demo Day in December. This was well-earned victory for creating a new customer experience with an innovative approach that helps boost sales, improve customer retention and create differentiators for offerings in real-estate, insurance and wealth management. Learn more about this new idea with Denis Tellier, one of the co-founders of this start-up.

Your software reinvents customer facing interactions. Why is this important for banks?

During meetings with advisors in branch offices, customers often find themselves sitting opposite the agent whose attention is often directed towards his computer screen with his banking tools. At the end of the meeting, customers leave the office with an offer that they don’t really understand and progressively forget all the information given by the advisor. At the very end, customers have the feeling that have been passive or even forgotten! Our solution, the Compositeur Digital, boosts  one-to-one interactions allowing customers to become truly active during the discussion. Running on a touchscreen computer positioned between the customer and the advisor, the tool materializes an area for discussion: customers are more active when describing their projects and their attention can be easily engaged during the presentation of documents by the advisor. Both parties have the ability to write annotations or add sticky notes to any document which is creating a personalized discussion material. All important documents are added to a “cart” and customers can leave the office while all important information is sent over email.

Customers are reluctant to be faced to another touchscreen in branches. Why would this solution sound appealing for customers and advisors? 

With our solution, customers can benefit from a personalized experience that is entirely focused on their needs. Since advisors are able to leverage of all types of documentation, customers have a better grasp of all available options, including the most complex scenarios. They also receive a step-by-step summary of the discussion. 

Advisors leveraging all existing tools and documentation—such as customer data, eligibility terms for zero-interest loans, simulators—to provide a comprehensive and reliable answer. Ultimately they can let their talent shine and feel rewarded! Advisors will no longer be tied to tools that will script the interview: they can rely on their core competencies to deliver a personalized offer. 

What are the benefits your product for BNP Paribas?

Reinventing customer interactions will enable players of the banking industry to create differentiators against competition, value their employees’ skills and emphasize on the human aspect of customer relation.

So far, digital technologies have only served the automation of business processes and the development self-care services for customers. At Excense, we use digital technologies to directly empower marketing and sales teams and bring back more human interactions in customer relation. 

Did you work with different teams at BNP Paribas?

At very beginning of the Hackathon, a large number of BNP Paribas employees have confirmed and approved our strategy that focuses on human interaction in customer relations. 

Then, the Digital Boot Camp offered us the opportunity to work with the business lines to fine-tune different ways to improve relations between customers and advisors. We are looking forward a possible deployment of our product in branches for a pilot phase setting the first step to a full launch.  And it’s not just retail banking that we are targeting, we expect other BNP Paribas business lines to show their interest in our solution, too! 

Do you have any other projects underway?

In the same way as the Compositeur Digital helping banking advisors become a “coach” for their customers, we are creating another solution helping managers to become a “coach” for their teams. As usual, we want to leverage digital technologies to help people bring more human interactions in their business interactions ! But we’re never short of ideas! 

International Hackathon 2017

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