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CORNIS: wind turbines under high supervision

In collaboration with L'Atelier BNP Paribas, the Group has created "Change It", a video magazine that presents innovation in all its forms. It aims to identify the most innovative start-ups and offers insights into their operations around the world. This week, discover Cornis

Whereas wind power market is prosperous, Cornis, a Parisian startup, is revolutionizing wind turbine’s maintenance thanks to a remote monitoring system based on a very precise scanner.

Several pictures of the entire surface of the blades are taken with a system consisting of a high powered camera on a motorized-head. Blade defects are spotted and commented directly online by navigating over the blade surface via a web-based platform. The entire blade surface is scanned and stored in a central location. Tracking blade evolution over time is simple.

Cornis Blade Inspection system is a user-friendly tool that can be used by every technician. Cornis inspections can be completed under high winds or low light.

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