LOGO_FTBowenCraggsCoThe bnpparibas.com website ranked no. 1 in the Top Improvers list of the Index of Corporate Web Effectiveness made by Financial Times and Bowen Craggs & Co.

More exactly, the categories where BNP Paribas improved the effectiveness of its website are: construction, message, contact, serving society, serving the media and serving jobseekers.

For construction, message, and contact, BNP Paribas won respectively the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in the Top Improvers ranking.

Overall, in one year, BNP Paribas made a big step, moving up 15 positions and arriving to the 34th position in the overall international ranking.

BNP Paribas improvement in its online communication via its corporate site has also placed the Group in the 3rd position in France on the overall top, making BNP Paribas the only bank in France present in this top.

This year, Bowen Craggs & Co. Index of Corporate Web Effectiveness covers 81 of the world's giant corporations, selected primarily by market capitalisation from the FT Global 500 and benchmarks corporate websites on three principal criteria: message, construction and contact.

Read the PDF version of FT Bowen Craggs & Co. Index of Corporate Web Effectiveness

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