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BNP Paribas at #VivaTech : discover the program of Friday 17 May!

From Thursday 16 to Saturday 18 May 2019, join us at Viva Technology on our Open Innovation Lab dedicated to Positive Banking: an experiential environment presenting 45 innovative projects developed by the Group with partner start-ups.

BNP Paribas at Vivatech 2019 

Within the Positive Banking Lab, designed in three zones (Positive Innovations - Positive Solutions - Positive Society), you will meet our experts and start ups from our open innovation eco-system and discover new positive impact services and products, such as:  : 

  • Cashforce, a new generation platform for the Modern CFO and Corporate Treasurer. 

  • PayLead, reinvents banking experience by creating new loyalty programs based on banking data analysis. The fintech allows banks' customers to access to brand new advantages.

  • Lactips produces a plastic free and soluble raw material for conditioning. These products can be used in several industry applications (Detergent, Food, Cosmetics, etc). We are looking for business partners.

  • eLichens, is the leading designer of patented gas sensors and the provider of the first comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform, for smart home/building, safety & security, gas leak detection, air quality monitoring applications.


9h30 - 10h10 " How immersive technologies are transforming the world and the customer experience ? " - VivaTech main stage, Dôme de Paris

With Sophie Heller, COO Retail Banking and services BNP Paribas, Omar Khan, CPO MagicLeap, Kevin Cardona, CIO BNP Paribas Real Estate et Rémi Rousseau, CEO Mimesys 

12h40 - 13h20 Golden Coach / Ask me anything: " Social and environmental impact: Building a conscious career " - VivaTech Talent center 

With Anjuli Pandit, Head of UK Corporate Sustainability - BNP Paribas and Cyrielle Callot, co-Director of Les Alchimistes

14h50 - 15h15 " From Startup to Unicorn: How to Get There? "  - CEO Forum

With Marguerite Bérard, Head of French retail banking BNP Paribas, Christian Raisson, co-founder ManoMano, Belinda Morvan, CFO Talentsoft and Clément Gay, founder and CFO Stilla Technologies

16h40 -17h20 " Technologies and coalitions to build a more inclusive society " - Tech for Good stage (panel in French)

With François Hollande, Chairman of French foundation la France s’engage / Former President of the French republic, Antoine Sire, Director of company engagement BNP Paribas and member of the Executive Committee, Sandrine Gros, Vice President Integrated Technlogy Services IBM France, François Durollet, CEO of Simplon.co and Claire Duizabo, Communications manager of Entourage

Program of our Lab on Friday 17 May 

  • 8h30 - 8h50

    New technologies and UX improvements                                                                              Retail engaged! With Cécile Gauffriau and Matthieu Jolly 

  • 9h45 - 10h25

    Future of Tech                                                                                                                             AI @BNP Paribas. With Jean-Pierre Sleiman, Suzana Tadic, Gerald Audenis, Vincent Picot, Chrystelle Renaud, Jason Curtis and Thierry Derungs  

  • 10h30 - 11h15

    Entrepreneurship / Women in Tech                                                                                     Women, some tips to start your business! With Marion Nathan, Dounia Belghiti, Léonie Lefèvre, Stéphanie Hospital and Sacha Naparstek           

  • 11h25 - 12h05

    Positive Impact                                                                                                                           Brands, media & platforms : what is the right use of data in our communication strategy? With Marie Juyaux, Geoffrey La Rocca, Bertrand Cizeau, Raphael de Andreis, Amy Brouillette, and Florence Trouche    

  • 12h15 - 12h30

    Solutions start-ups                                                                                                                              C. Entrepreneurs: a venture capital fund to accelerate innovation. With Nathalie Doré, Wendy Wattebled and Xavier Belligon  

  • 12h40 - 13h20

    Future of Tech                                                                                                                               Artificial intelligence and new interfaces. With Claire Fulda and Frédéric Josué

  • 13h30 - 13h45

    Solutions start-ups                                                                                                                       Opera Tech Ventures : Devoted Corporate VC for financial industry disruptors.   With Thibaut Schlaeppi 

  • 13h50 - 14h10

    Positive Impact                                                                                                                                   The digital gaming industry: how the bank adapt to a fast-evolving industry with increasing number of business models. With Maxime Meheust          

  • 14h20 - 15h50

    Positive Impact                                                                                                                 Transforming finance - profits and purpose in sustainable finance • Technological innovation at the service of the humanitarian. With Wilfried Remans, Anjuli Pandit, Antoine Sire, Nicolas Diacono, Jean-Christophe Combe, Philippe Lévêque and Michel-Olivier Lacharité  

  • 16h00 - 16h45

    Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                         Women Entrepreneurship: SMART move for all. With Isabella Fumagalli, Layla Pavone, Francesca Cosmi, Monica Taymuree and Olivier Vella

  • 16h55 - 17h05

    New technologies and operational efficiency                                                                         Find your place to innovate: corporate or startups. With Boris Leblanc  

  • 17h15 - 17h45

    Africa Tech                                                                                                                                         Eco-systems in Africa . WIth Laurent Herbillon, Valérie Eymard and Natacha Baumann 

  • 17h55 - 18h35

    Handi Tech/ Health Tech                                                                                                               BNP Paribas Group is willing to support vulnerability via new digital solutions for both disabled and ageing people. With Emmanuelle Fenard, Pierre Bardina, Melanie Lahaix, Catherine Tonlorenzi, Marc Piovesan and Bieke Van Gorp

Photo credits :  ©MUYARD_FOUCHA.JPG

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