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Your business doesn't look like any other. Its singularity implies special expertise. Your projects therefore require a different bank view, they are specifically studied in connection with the Ecosystem of Innovation in the territories. BNP Paribas has 60 WAI clusters in France, one of which is dedicated to Fintechs, composed of employees dedicated to innovative companies. Their knowledge of local and regional innovation ecosystems enables them to offer you tailor-made banking support. 5 start ups tell us about their collaboration with BNP paribas : Ulule, Appiness, Guest to Guest, Realytics and Adways.


" Do you need to finance your start-up or scale up? This is our job. In different countries, the different bankers of our Innovation Hubs called Poles WAI in France, are ready to analyse your Business Plan. We are ready with a world ecosystem to finance the best innovative projects so come and let us know your needs. "

Myriam Beque / Head of WAI French Retail Banking BNP Paribas

Realytics talks about

" Realytics is the leading company in the TV & Digital Agency field. We help brands, media agencies and TV sales house to mesure, optimize and amplify their TV campaign with the drive-to-web objective [...] Now the other thing that is very interesting for an entrepreneur is to have someone who understands our business, but also who understands the needs to our business in terms of financing so they can anticipate and help us to solve all the problems we can have on these topics. "

Guillaume Belmas / CEO Realytics

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" We have a dedicated team for our international clients and in particular for our start-ups. So we have our bankers integrated in the ecosystem and they understand the start-ups specific needs. We are collaborating with our colleagues abroad in a very smooth manner and also with l’Atelier which is located in San Francisco. "

Radia Oumer / Head of International Clients (Commercial Banking Group, Bank of the West)


"If you’re a start-up with the ambition to scale your company, BNP Paribas is the bank you should talk to. Within BNP Paribas, we developed a specific offer for innovative start-up and scale-up companies.[...]In France, we have 16 WAI hubs, and 44 more will open in 2017. Similar initiatives are taken in other countries like Berlin in Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and bank of the West, California. This clearly proves that BNP Paribas Group is fully committed to help start-ups grow their business."

Hans Jacobs / Head of Commercial Banking (BNP Paribas Fortis)

Ulule talks about

Ulule is the first rewards-based crowdfunding platform in France and in Europe. We are operating also in Italy, in Spain, in Belgium and soon in Germany, but we are in seven languages. Our mission is to help all kinds of entrepreneurs launch a project, whether it is entrepreneurial, creative, innovative, or a charity project[...]BNP Paribas helped us because they put us in touch with a specialist of money problematics which helped us identify the market’s potential partners which who could help us in terms of needs which was very helpful

Arnaud Burgot / COO Ulule

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Appiness talks about

I am the co-founder of Appiness, and have created a technology that makes any content interactive and shoppable. So it’s a new way of shopping. [...] So it’s not only about financial services, it’s about facilitating us to grow on every level. It’s about facilitating context, it’s about sharing best practices that they have learned from other clients, so when we say “help us grow”, there are guides, they give us a map in what we need to do to be as successful as possible. 

Michel De Wachter / Co-CEO & COO Appiness

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"Are you aware that in different countries to go further than banking, BNP Paribas has designed programs and places to accelerate innovative companies? In France, for instance, integrated in our global WAI offer, we have created an amazing initiative to foster cooperation between start-ups and corporate clients. "

Dorothée Julliand / Deputy Head of WAI (French Retail Banking BNP Paribas)

Adways talks about

Adways is a company created in 2007, and we are focused on developing interactive videos. So today, we propose our platform, online platform for corporate communication and advertising.[...] We were really pleased to be selected by the WAI 

Paris. So now we are also in the center of Paris for 24 months, but on top of that, by participating to the WAI LEAD, we’re really accelerated and we have been in touch with big company we just signed with and without this program, we would never have been in touch with such companies.

Jacques Cazin / CEO Adways

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we’re really accelerated and we have been in touch with big companywe just signed with and without this program

BNP Paribas at Vivatech

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