BNP Paribas launches OpenUp, a digital platform connecting start-ups with the bank

  • 17.11.2016

OpenUp, strengthens the bridges between The Bank and innovative start-ups all around the world. It allows BNP Paribas to deliver compelling added value services to its clients.

Why OpenUp ? 

Because start-ups have often trouble identifying BNP Paribas employees potentially interested in a business cooperation and BNP Paribas has difficulty sourcing the start-ups able to address its business challenges. 

Exchange ideas, innovate and co-develop solutions to improve the bank of the future

To fasten and facilitate the connection

OpenUp is designed to help FinTech and InsureTech start-ups gain easy access to BNP Paribas' projects, and can even be extended to start-ups expert in adjacent services and technologies.

OpenUp leverages on digital: To help them grow and develop their product/service roadmap, tapping into BNP Paribas' expertise ; to improve start-ups knowledge on the way The Bank operates, helping them secure better partnerships.

OpenUp' solutions

Access projects

Ability for BNP Paribas employees to post projects, with a dynamic matching that notifies start-ups and BNP Paribas employees when a match occurs.

Collect ideas

Allow start-ups to propose ideas and notify automatically business lines that could be interested.

Connect to experts

An expert corner allowing BNP Paribas employees to volunteer their expertise to start-ups in need of advice on various topics.

Explore the ecosystem

Information feed that promotes local entity ecosystem initiatives to start-ups (start-up houses, accelerators, partnerships, etc).

Key figures


Users on the digital platform


employees of BNP Paribas




In prototyping phase

OpenUp complements worldwide programmes in BNP Paribas' innovative ecosystem: Innov& Connect, Fintech Accelerator, Hackathon


Connecting start-ups with project managers around Business opportunities. Download App on iTunes or Google Play.


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