BNL supports young innovative companies in the new technology sector through its partnership with the LUISS Guido Carli University in Italy.

These startups, founded by passionate and creative students, are hosted by LUISS ENLABSan incubator for innovative businesses, launched in 2013 and now one of the main business development organisations in Italy.

Thanks to their involvement with LUISS, students will have the opportunity to participate in educational workshops on finance and economy.

As part of the “EduCare” project, which has been providing financial education classes since 2008 to people from every walk of life – individuals, families, entrepreneurs, academics, and others – BNL has launched the “EduCare Startup” project. This new project aims to raise awareness about these young companies and the exponential growth in the use of new technologies.

The young entrepreneurs at LUISS ENLABS can also benefit from the “BNL Start! Telling” programme – workshops dedicated to sharing best practices and testimonials from BNL customers who are involved with innovative companies, allowing them to share ideas with the aspiring entrepreneurs.

With LUISS, BNL is strengthening its collaboration with universities and reinforcing its commitment to being the bank for a changing world.

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