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A biometric platform that secures bank transactions

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In collaboration with L'Atelier BNP Paribas, the Group has created "Change It", a video magazine that presents innovation in all its forms. It aims to identify the most innovative start-ups and offers insights into their operations around the world. This week, discover Biocatch.

The proliferation of banking apps raises a question mark over the security that surrounds bank accounts and data. A highly innovative Israeli startup has created some effective solutions using artificial intelligence.

BioCatch's behavioral biometrics detects online threats and stops financial fraud. BioCatch’s biometric platform secures web and mobile applications by transparently authenticating real users based on their cognitive behavior.   BioCatch’s patented cognitive technology identifies the behaviors that are consistent and unique to an individual and is used to detect when anomalies occur that indicate fraudulent usage or the presence of malware. BioCatch helps organizations reduce fraud and increase their security without the friction created by secret questions and out-of-band authentication.

BioCatch analyzes over 500 parameters to create a unique user profile that cannot be lost, stolen, or imitated.  

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