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Adways may just have invented the future of online advertising!

Backed by BNP Paribas, french start-up Adways creates new interactive advertising formats for a fun and non-intrusive experience. The result: user engagement and a soaring click rate.

Reconciling internet users with advertising

The French start-up could succeed in making video advertising interactive to the same extent that smartphones and tablets are touchscreen-controlled. In concrete terms, Adways superimposes advertising messages over videos, so as not to impede their viewing. As such, it becomes possible for advertisers to display additional information (quizzes, surveys, tweets, Facebook posts, banners, etc.), and for users to react within the actual video by simply clicking, or even to change the story with their choices and actions.

According to Jacques Cazin, founder of Adways, "Interaction encourages users to enter into dialogue with a brand. This is a new editorial approach that strengthens customer engagement."  This committed stance is a radical departure from traditional pre-rolls, those ads that often can't be skipped that start up at the very beginning of videos and that viewers are forced to endure.

"Internet users are reaching saturation point. We want to reconcile them with advertising by giving them more fun and engaging interactive pre-rolls and new formats based on permission marketing which entails firstly asking them for their consent," explains Jacques Cazin.

Internet users are reaching saturation point. We want to reconcile them with advertising...

BNP Paribas & Adways

The approach won over BNP Paribas, who, at the start of 2016, gave Adways the opportunity to join WAI Paris (We are innovation), its programme aiming to accelerate the development of innovative start-ups and put them in contact with potential clients and investors. Sure enough, success was just round the corner.

In 2017, Adways entered into a partnership with France Télévision Publicité to take up the challenge of monetising the live broadcasting of the French Open. Throughout the entire event, advertising, was superimposed harmoniously on screens, without bothering tennis lovers in the slightest. 

Sources : Les Echos

BNP Paribas at VivaTech

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