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2017 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge winners!

Roughly 3,000 innovators from 120 countries came together for this two-day event to promote "deeptech" innovations that will help shape the world of tomorrow. BNP Paribas is a world partner of the event and gave out two important awards during the final round this evening.

The winners:

  • Jacques D’Estais, deputy chief operating officer and head of International Financial Services, presented the BNP Paribas Hello Tomorrow award to Saathi
  • Séverin Fischer, Head of environment and extra financial accounting at BNP Paribas, presented the Environment award to Skytree is a spinout of the European Space Agency (ESA). Skytree's CO2 re-capture process was originally developed to make longer space missions possible by extracting the CO2 exhaled by astronauts onboard of spacecraft...

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Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge

For the 4th edition of the Global Challenge, Hello Tomorrow assembled a jury of influential scientists, businesspeople, investors and manufacturers to pick the best start-ups. The goal of this annual event is to discover the technological and scientific projects that will shape the world of tomorrow and that will help anticipate how different sectors will change in the years to come.  

Hello Tomorrow 2017: key figures


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