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Innovation The latest retail banking trends
Christophe Faurère Christophe Faurère Villejuif

The latest retail banking trends

The 2018 Paris Retail Week was devoted to smart phygital, a new retail trend blending the best online technologies with the offline,...

INSURTECH: disrupting the insurance sector through 100% digital startups offering insurance products and supplemental services online. High-growth sector.
GROWTH-HACKER : a partner whose mission consists of stimulating the company’s rapid growth by every means—traditional marketing and unconventional or incongruous techniques.
HOLOPORTATION: technology using an augmented reality headset to enable virtual visits to other places and interactions with objects and avatars (or holograms) of other people.
TECH-AUGMENTED WORKERS : a new approach to labor that focuses on the employee experience and the potential of digital tools to improve worker performance and well-being.