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EcoTV WEEK - The ECB keeps pressures on politicians
Clemente de Lucia, OECD Economist

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Overview- The ECB calls for action
The ECB cannot solve alone the crisis. President Draghi called on EU leaders to take bold action towards a more integrated union.

Clemente DE LUCIA

US : Driving blind
The latest labour market report (for May) came as a wake-up call that growth is never for sure.

Alexandra ESTIOT

Euro zone : The German economy is running out of steam
In April, manufacturing production posted its sharpest contraction since April 2009 (-2.4% m/m), driven by declining activity in all sectors but particularly in consumer and capital goods (-3.7% and -3.6% m/m respectively).

Catherine STEPHAN

Fortnight in France : End of the campaign, start of the mandate
The first round of the parliamentary elections, on Sunday 10 June, provides the opportunity to check for any changes in the economic and political climate since François Hollande took office on 15 May.


Focus 1:Euro zone - shared debt requires a shared project
The idea of issuing common government bonds is likely to make its way onto the European Council's agenda regularly.

Frédérique CERISIER

EcoWEEK: The ECB calls for action

In Brief & Conjonctures

In brief

In Brief presents the key developments in the world economy, with a special focus on the eurozone and the US. Japan and the UK are also analysed regularly.


Conjoncture 1: United Kingdom- Regulatory Big Bang for UK banks

The UK banking system was badly shaken by the financial crisis, which, by spreading to the real economy, led to a historic decline in GDP in 2009.


Conjoncture 2: Egypt and Tunisia - a tough spring for the economy

Among the "Arab Spring" countries, only Egypt and Tunisia have embarked upon peaceful political transition.

Stéphane ALBY, Pascal DEVAUX

In Brief & Conjonctures
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